Convert a Domain Name to a Distinguished Name in PowerShell

Here is a small PowerShell snippet to easily convert a Domain Name (e.g. to a distinguished name (DC=corp,DC=bmdlab,DC=com):

[sourcecode language=“powershell”] [String]$Domain = ‘’

# Create an empty string that the DN will be stored in [String]$DN = ''

# Assemble the DN by splitting the DC and then looping to concatenate the new $Domain.Split(’.’) | % { $DN = “DC=$($_),$DN” }

# An extra . will be left on the end of DN, so strip it off $DN = $DN.SubString(0,$DN.Length-1) [/sourcecode]

An even easier way would be to use the Replace method on a string object:

[sourcecode language=“powershell”] [String]$Domain = ‘’

# Assemble the DN by replacing $DN = ‘CN=’ + $Domain.Replace(’.’,’,CN=’) [/sourcecode]

That is all!