Setting the Computer Name installing Nano Server bug resolved

When I originally wrote the script to help install Nano Server I ran into a problem where I couldn’t get the Computer Name of the Nano Server to set during the OfflineServicing phase. This was supposed to be a new feature of Windows Server 2016 where the computer name could now be set in this phase rather than having to wait for the Specialize phase - which meant one less reboot during installation of the OS - saving precious seconds. And when installing Nano, saving an extra few seconds actually matter. I spent some time trying to get this new feature to work but nothing I tried worked, so I resorted to setting it in the Specialize phase like installations of old.

But thanks to Michael Birtwistle for pointing out this forum post. It points out that the Unattend.xml file in the original Nano Server instructions from Microsoft was incorrect. So I have corrected the Install-NanoServerVHD.ps1 script to reflect this as well. So even faster Nano Server provisioning should be available now.